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Countertop and Cabinet Refacing & Resurfacing

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Are you a local business owner looking to spruce up your working space? If you are looking to update your work space and have existing cabinets and countertops you could save money by refacing or resurfacing your cabinets and countertops rather than a full replacement. Resurfacing and refacing are essentially the same as both processes involve taking the existing framework and covering it with laminate, a rigid thermofoil or wood veneer replacement material. This is a cost saving process because you are re-working the framework and replacing all doors and drawer fronts while refacing the sides and fronts with the same refacing material as the new doors and drawers. Refacing or resurfacing your cabinets and countertops reuses material already present while giving you the look and feel of brand new cabinets and countertops.

Whether you are a business owner or home owner looking to remodel your kitchen cabinets or bathroom vanities our team can help you on replacement costs by refacing your existing cabinets and countertops or bathroom vanities. If need be we are able to replace all kitchen cabinet hardware so your kitchen cabinets will function as if they are brand new. Our crew is fast and effective because we understand your need to have a functional work space or living quarters. We are a licensed and insured company and we look forward to servicing all your cabinet and countertop refacing needs.

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